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Pit Bull Personality


Pit Bulls have exceptional physical and mental characteristics that make them outstanding companions for responsible, active, and caring dog owners. These same wonderful qualities can make them a little difficult to handle for people who don't have a lot of experience with dog ownership, or those who are unfamiliar with the breed. Luckily, Pit Bulls are very responsive to obedience training and extremely eager to please.

Pit Bulls are quite adaptable and can do well in almost any environment, from urban to suburban to rural, provided they have enough exercise and other positive outlets for their energy. Many Pit Bulls are easygoing couch potatoes, but like all terriers, they can also be somewhat rambunctious until they mature. Maturity tends to come around 2-3 years old and Pit Bulls remain playful throughout their lifespan (9-15 years). These dogs are true sweethearts and remarkable creatures that will touch your soul like no other, bringing immense joy to your life.

Keep in mind that Pit Bulls are not only very strong, energetic, agile, and powerful dogs, but they are extremely resourceful - "determination" is probably their most notable trait. With everything they set out to do, they put their heart and soul into it… whether it is chasing the rabbit that turns up in your garden, eating your new sneakers when left home alone, or climbing into your lap to shower you with kisses!

Perhaps the most important characteristic of Pit Bulls is their genuine love of people. So many people are surprised by the affectionate personality of these dogs the first time they meet one. Pit bulls are remarkably friendly and warm hearted, they truly enjoy human attention. They are the perfect Cuddle Buddy and love nothing more than a belly rub. Believe it or not, but most Pit Bulls really think they are lap dogs!